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Top Benefits to Kitchen Design Widnes

2 minute read

Top Benefits to Kitchen Design Widnes

Are you searching for a Kitchen Design in Widnes? The Gallery Runcorn offers the complete kitchen design and installation service across Widnes!

Choosing and designing a new kitchen is a huge task requiring specific arrangements for the major appliances.

Our latest blog will explain the different types of kitchen design and the services that we offer throughout Widnes and local surrounding areas.

Kitchen Design Widnes

L-Shaped Kitchen Design Widnes

L-shaped kitchen design is known for its efficiency in a modern home.

The use of a right-angled wall allows all appliances and storage cabinets to be accessible in a small area.

The L-shaped kitchen design is designed to keep your fridge, sink and oven within a triangle to allow easy movement between the three most popular appliances.

This kitchen design is ideal for small and medium-sized spaces and allows for an easy working triangle.

It is perfect for an open plan home design but is not suggested for multiple cooks or large kitchen areas, as the appliances would be too far away.

U-Shaped Kitchens

A u-shaped kitchen layout is a popular choice for a kitchen design.

The U shape of the kitchen allows for easy access to storage and plenty of room for cooking with multiple worktops.

This design is ideal within the triangle of appliances previously mentioned. A u-shaped design allows for an easy transition between sinks, ovens etc.

Unlike L-shaped, U-shaped kitchens are ideal for multiple cooks simultaneously with numerous worktops.

Cabinets situated in the corners can be difficult for some to get into with the limited floor space.

One-Wall Kitchen

A one-wall kitchen is a design built along one single wall.

Found typically in small homes or flats, one-wall kitchen designs help save floor space.

All appliances, cabinets and worktops are in one place – limiting movement from worktop to worktop.

The small compact design offers a lot of open space within the property to use for a dining table for eating.

All cooking work in one area limits the need to move, so prepping and cleaning surfaces is much easier.

However, the limited worktops can mean a lack of space and storage for appliances and tableware.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is an added workspace to your kitchen.

Homeowners usually add an island to increase workspace room or extra storage space.

The island adds value to a kitchen and gives it a modern look. Islands can also be used for extra seating for breakfast or doing work.

Despite the modern look, islands can take up space in the kitchen and are not ideal for small kitchens.

Getting the right size for the kitchen island is essential to the look and practicality of your kitchen, and the specific purpose must be stated.

Our Services

The Gallery Runcorn offers a free survey carried out in your home by our experienced estimator who will measure your kitchen and produce a technical report.

A sales team member will talk to you to find out as much as possible about your preferred styles and what you require from your dream kitchen.

Once a kitchen style has been chosen, we will produce a free computer-aided 3D design that will show you exactly how your new kitchen will look before you make your final decision.

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