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How to keep the summer sun inside your kitchen

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How to keep the summer sun inside your kitchen

As the summer draws to a close we’re all trying to enjoy the last of the sun before the inclement British weather inevitably returns and where better to enjoy the sun than in your kitchen. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of tea with the morning sun streaming in or basking in the afternoon light when preparing dinner, there is nothing quite like the late summer sunlight. To find your next kitchen, Visit our Kitchen Showroom Widnes!

You may be in the process of renovating your home or simply looking for clever and easy design tips to make the most of the sunlight in your kitchen, either way, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll be discussing some of the best ways to keep the summer sun inside your kitchen.

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Skylight windows

Skylights are one of the best ways to make a dramatic change to the amount of sunlight you can allow into your kitchen. Even as we move into the colder months, skylights will allow for the maximum amount of daylight to illuminate your space.

These windows let light flood your kitchen and although it is a more costly renovation, if you are considering revamping your kitchen and want to prioritise light, they are a must.

Cupboard Clutter

Overhead cupboards can be great for storage but they can also be guilty of stealing light from your work surfaces. Often homeowners are forced to install lighting underneath these cupboards just to be able to see what they are doing on their countertops.

If you’re refurbishing your kitchen you may want to consider removing these cupboards are optimising your under counter kitchen storage instead.

You will immediately notice a difference with how much lighter and larger the space will feel once you remove these clunky elements.

Colour Palette

Understandably, not everyone has the budget to completely renovate their kitchen and install windows throughout and so one of the simplest ways of enhancing and brightening your space is to lighten your colour scheme.

There is a reason that many designers opt for a more neutral colour palette when designing kitchens and it is to capture and reflect the light throughout the day.

Simplified colour palettes that use white, off white and neutral shades on cabinets, kitchen counters, walls and flooring are able to attract as much light as possible, keeping that summer sun shining into your kitchen.


Mirrors are one of the oldest and best design tricks in the book that designers have been using for years, particularly in spaces where there is limited sources of light. If you are unable to install more windows or skylights, mirrors are a perfect way to help reflect the light you do have.

Large mirrors are especially effective in achieving this visual trick as they work by enlarging the sense of space and light in your kitchen

Mirrors can be installed as stand alone objects on your wall, placed across an entire wall or even used to replace your kitchen splashback. The design opportunities with mirrors are limitless and can completely transform your space.

Look Outside

In order to get the light in, your must first look out and understand how much natural light can currently enter your home. If your windows are partially blocked by bushes, trees and other foliage you may want to try to firstly tame them to help as much summer sun in as possible.

Although many homeowners enjoy the privacy that trees can provide them, if this foliage is on the south side of your home you will be limiting how much sun your kitchen receives in all seasons.

Kitchen Layout

When it comes sunlight, your kitchen layout is critical and the positioning of your installation could be what is hindering the amount of light your receive.

Poorly placed, heavy and clunky furniture could be blocking sunlight in your kitchen which is why when you are looking to install a new kitchen, it is always recommended to use professional and knowledgeable kitchen designers and installers to optimise your kitchen space.

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