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How to get the best deal when buying a new kitchen

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How to get the best deal when buying a new kitchen

Buying a new kitchen can be a great investment into your property, adding anywhere between 5 to 15 percent to the value of your home. Whether you are looking to renovate before putting your property on the market or simply wanting to modernise your home, you will always want to get more for your money. Striking the right balance between price and quality is essential, so how can get the best deal? See our Kitchen Showrooms Widnes today!

High Street Chains

We’re often bombarded with adverts from large high-street chains detailing their latest offer on kitchen installations and naturally, people look here first. However what people aren’t aware of is that despite the pull of a ‘seasonal sale’ these large chains tend to overcharge customers and offer poor quality materials.

Their products are mass produced to meet the demand but that leaves customers paying out thousands of pounds on a kitchen that will begin to show sings of wear and tear in no time at all. Plus, to top it all off, these chains often use discounts and sales to draw customers in before informing them of the small fortune they will have to pay for installation.

Contracted Builder

There are those however who believe that they can get a better deal by hiring a contracted builder. The benefit of doing so is that builders are able to source materials directly from trade suppliers whilst getting discount on the materials you need for your new kitchen. To many, this may seem like the ideal solution to achieving a quality kitchen at the right price, but issues can arise.

Whilst the price of materials may be low, the cost of the builder may exceed your budget as the man hours/ labour start to add up. Unless you hire a specialist kitchen fitter who you can be sure has the relevant knowledge and experience, you won’t be able to guarantee a quality fitting.

Independent Show Room

If you want a high-quality kitchen fitting that strikes the right balance between price and quality, there can be no doubt that an independent kitchen showroom is your solution. With an independent you can be sure that you will have a kitchen that is built to last with all workmanship and products guaranteed. You may pay slightly more than you would pay a builder but the quality of the worktops, units, cupboard doors and more alongside the craftsmanship cannot be compared. You will have a kitchen fitted by experts who are committed to ensuring the final product will be no less than perfect.

At The Gallery Runcorn, we are proud to offer complete and comprehensive kitchen installation which will include any plumbing, gas or electrical work as well as any tiling, plastering, building and decorating that is required as part of your fitting. .

Our installation team are all experienced in managing entire projects from start to finish with all products and workmanship being guaranteed. We are committed to ensuring all projects are completed on time and within the agreed budget.

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