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How lighting can change your kitchen space

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How lighting can change your kitchen space

Install multiple types of lighting in your kitchen to create a space that can be transformed from functional to relaxing at the flick of a switch.

Kitchens Widnes is often said to be the heart of the home. Where family and friends gather to cook, socialise, and share stories and good food together. If your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s more important than ever to get the feeling of the room right. A room’s lighting has a big impact on its general ambience. Whilst the ambience of your kitchen is important, it’s essential that kitchen lighting is functional too so that you can easily carry out tasks.

The importance of lighting in kitchen design

There are all sorts of things to consider when choosing the light fittings for your kitchen, starting with how your family will use the space.

The kitchen is often a multipurpose room used for far more than just preparing food. Consider whether your kitchen will be used for doing work or homework, entertaining, eating, or any other activities.

The way you plan to use your kitchen will help you to decide the level of lighting you need to complete each task or activity and where in the kitchen you will most benefit from having lights installed.

Also consider your kitchens existing decor and what style of lighting will complement it.

Different types of lighting

In interior design it is generally agreed that there are three types of lighting: ambient/general, task, and accent. The best kitchen designs use a combination of all three types of lighting.

Spotlights – Can be used as both general and task lighting. Spotlights are bright overhead lights that can be directed at areas of the room where tasks are to be carried out.

Track lights – A versatile type of general overhead lighting that can be directed at certain features in the room or task areas to double up as task or accent lighting.

Lamps – Floor, wall, or table lamps can be used as task lighting in the kitchen to illuminate work surfaces.

Pendant lights – As well as being a stylish design feature, decorative pendant lights can be hung low over a kitchen table or island to light it up.

Variety of different types available

Kitchen islands can be designed to meet your home and family’s specific requirements. Make your island as big or as small as is suitable for space you have, add useful storage underneath the island and make it fit for your desired purpose.

Recessed lights – Recessed lights can be used as both general lighting and task lighting with some careful thought as to where they are installed. Installing a dimmer switch with bright overhead lights like recessed lights allows you to adjust how bright the light is.

Cabinet lights – Installing lights inside or underneath cabinets allows you to switch on and off localised lights as and when required. LED light strips are a popular choice of cabinet lighting as they are so easy to install.

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