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How much does a fitted kitchen cost

The average price of a new kitchen installation in the UK costs around £5,000 to £6,000 but these estimates can vary quite drastically depending on what you are looking for. There are several criteria that will determine the final cost of your fitted kitchen: the installation cost, the number of units, the type of doors, the type of worktop and the type and brand of appliances. Here we will be discussing these aspects of a fitted kitchen to help you better understand the price you would be looking to pay.

Kitchen Fitting Cost

One of the biggest costs of a fitted kitchen can be the price of the fitting, depending on who you choose. If you were to choose one of the larger chain stores, despite their claims of sales and discounts, you’ll likely end up paying excessively more than you budgeted for. Alternatively, you could choose to hire a builder who will likely take the quote of a larger chain and half the price. Whilst this may seem like the best option, you need to remember that as with anything, you get what you pay for. General builders don’t specialise in high quality kitchen fittings so the results will be average at best.

The best option for any kitchen fitting is always to use a specialist fitter from an independent kitchen showroom. They will often charge you only slightly more than a builder would but will provide you with efficient, high quality workmanship and a superior kitchen finish.

Number of Kitchen Units Cost

The number of units you have in your kitchen will ultimately affect the price. Ten units will cost more than 5 but will not necessarily double the cost.

Type of Doors Fitted Cost

The price of the units will be affected by the type of doors you choose to be fitted. If you choose thin, inexpensive acrylic kitchen doors then the price will inevitably be lower. But, if you are looking to install a painted wood shaker kitchen for example, the cost can increase by thousands despite requiring the same number of doors.

Type of Worktop Cost

Worktops are another key area where the price can vary dramatically depending on your preference. For instance, if you choose a lower price range material such as laminate for your worktop then you are looking to pay in the hundreds. However, if you are looking for something more durable and long lasting such as quartz or granite worktops, you’d be looking to pay thousands.

Type of Appliances Cost

All kitchens have similar appliances such as fridges, microwaves and ovens but not all appliances were created equal. The type of appliance as well as the brand will have a big impact on what you are looking to pay. You could pay hundreds and even thousands more for the same appliance if it is a reputable, higher end branded appliance.

How lighting can change your kitchen space

Install multiple types of lighting in your kitchen to create a space that can be transformed from functional to relaxing at the flick of a switch. The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home. Where family and friends gather to cook, socialise, and share stories and good food together. If your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s more important than ever to get the feeling of the room right. A room’s lighting has a big impact on its general ambience. Whilst the ambience of your kitchen is important, it’s essential that kitchen lighting is functional too so that you can easily carry out tasks.

The importance of lighting in kitchen design

There are all sorts of things to consider when choosing the light fittings for your kitchen, starting with how your family will use the space.

The kitchen is often a multipurpose room used for far more than just preparing food. Consider whether your kitchen will be used for doing work or homework, entertaining, eating, or any other activities.

The way you plan to use your kitchen will help you to decide the level of lighting you need to complete each task or activity and where in the kitchen you will most benefit from having lights installed.

Also consider your kitchens existing decor and what style of lighting will complement it.

Different types of lighting

In interior design it is generally agreed that there are three types of lighting: ambient/general, task, and accent. The best kitchen designs use a combination of all three types of lighting.

Spotlights – Can be used as both general and task lighting. Spotlights are bright overhead lights that can be directed at areas of the room where tasks are to be carried out.

Track lights – A versatile type of general overhead lighting that can be directed at certain features in the room or task areas to double up as task or accent lighting.

Lamps – Floor, wall, or table lamps can be used as task lighting in the kitchen to illuminate work surfaces.

Pendant lights – As well as being a stylish design feature, decorative pendant lights can be hung low over a kitchen table or island to light it up.

Variety of different types available

Kitchen islands can be designed to meet your home and family’s specific requirements. Make your island as big or as small as is suitable for space you have, add useful storage underneath the island and make it fit for your desired purpose.

Recessed lights – Recessed lights can be used as both general lighting and task lighting with some careful thought as to where they are installed. Installing a dimmer switch with bright overhead lights like recessed lights allows you to adjust how bright the light is.

Cabinet lights – Installing lights inside or underneath cabinets allows you to switch on and off localised lights as and when required. LED light strips are a popular choice of cabinet lighting as they are so easy to install.

Adding a festive feel to your kitchen

Its the most wonderful time of the year… for sorting out your kitchen and giving it a bit of festive cheer. The kitchen often becomes the hub of the home during the Christmas holidays, with people gravitating there to chat, drink, listen to Christmas music, and cook up a storm of festive treats. However, the space can be neglected when it comes to decorating the house for Christmas, with most people focusing on decorating the living room instead. Here at The Gallery, we think decorating the kitchen is equally as important, so we’ve come up with some tips for sprucing up and adding a little festive cheer to your kitchen this Christmas.

Finish those decorating jobs

If there are any kitchen DIY jobs that you’ve been putting off, then the lead up to Christmas is a great time to finally get them done.

Whether you need a brand new kitchen, your paintwork needs a refresh, some artwork needs hanging, or you need a new dining table, getting any renovations, odd jobs, or decorating done before Christmas can give you a fresh new space to cook and spend time in over the festive period.

For help or advice with kitchen renovations or improvements, get in touch with our team here at The Gallery for help and advice by visiting our Contact page.

Get organised

Many of us do more cooking over Christmas than at any other time of the year. Even if you won’t be cooking Christmas dinner at home, you may well find yourself baking Christmas cakes, mince pies and gingerbread, or at least whipping up some festive cocktails.

Whatever the extent of your cooking prowess, getting your kitchen clean, tidy, and organised will make creating festive culinary delights relaxing and stress-free.

Now is also a great time to clean, clear out, and organise your kitchen cupboards, fridge, and freezer to make space for lots of delicious Christmas food.

Add decorations

Once you’ve got your kitchen looking spick and span it’s time for the fun bit, decorating it for Christmas. The kitchen is often a hive of activity during Christmas so it’s important not to forget it when decorating. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for decking out your kitchen for Christmas.

Add a Christmas tree – Why have one Christmas tree when you can have multiple? If you have enough space, the kitchen can be a great place to put up an additional Christmas tree. No room for a big tree? A tiny potted tree on the dining table or kitchen worktop can add a little festive cheer to even the smallest kitchen.

Wreath or garland – Natural decorations look right at home in the kitchen and a wreath or garland made from greenery can make your kitchen look beautiful, feel cosy, and smell fresh. Try draping a garland across kitchen shelves, over a doorway, or across your table. Or if you don’t have enough room for a garland, a wreath hung on the door or wall can look just as effective.

Food-related decorations – All kinds of delicious foodie smells and tastes can conjure up the feeling of Christmas, including oranges, rosemary, and Christmas spices like ginger, cloves, and cinnamon, so festive food-related decorations will look right at home in your kitchen. Try using cinnamon sticks and dried oranges to create garlands, wreaths, and table decorations.
If you’ve baked something beautiful for Christmas, don’t hide it away in the food cupboards, display your mince pies, Christmas cake, or gingerbread house in the kitchen for some festive cheer (not to mention the irresistible smells).

Christmas plants – Looking for a more subtle and low effort injection of colour and festive cheer in the kitchen? Add a Christmas plant in an attractive plant pot to your work surface or dining table.

Our favourite Christmas plants include:

  • Pointsettia
  • Holly
  • Mistletoe
  • Christmas Rose

The pros and cons of kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are stylish in design and practical in function. If you have the space, an island could be an excellent addition to your kitchen.
Let us help you to weigh up the pros and cons of installing a kitchen island in your home.

What is a kitchen island?

A kitchen island is an additional freestanding cabinet and worksurface, usually installed in the centre of a kitchen.

Kitchen islands can be used for a variety of different purposes depending on your family and lifestyle requirements. Some popular uses include a new sink area, extra space for food preparation, or a new dining space.

Kitchen island pros

More Work surface space – The main reason people build islands in their kitchen is to gain more valuable work surface space. How you use this space is entirely up to. Kitchen islands are commonly used for preparing food, washing up, dining, or sometimes as an extra space in the house for sitting around to socialise or work.

Added storage – The main reason people build islands in their kitchen is to gain more valuable work surface space. How you use this space is entirely up to. Kitchen islands are commonly used for preparing food, washing up, dining, or sometimes as an extra space in the house for sitting around to socialise or work.

Efficient use of space – The island can make efficient use of otherwise wasted space in medium or large-sized kitchen where there is a lot going on around the perimeter of the room and empty space in the centre.

Attractive design feature – Another reason why kitchen islands are such sought after design features is their aesthetic appeal. As well as being practical, islands can also create an attractive and contemporary focal point in the kitchen.

Variety of different types available – Kitchen islands can be designed to meet your home and families specific requirements. Make your island as big or as small as is suitable for space you have, add useful storage underneath the island and make it fit for your desired purpose.

Add value to your home – As well as being a practical addition to the kitchen and adding comfort to your home, a kitchen island will also add value to your home. Should you wish to sell your home in the future, a kitchen island can increase the value and appeal of your home.

Kitchen island cons

Not an option for everyone – Unfortunately, a kitchen island may not be an option for every home. To have an island installed you require a reasonably large kitchen with an open central space.

Could make kitchen look cramped – It may also make manoeuvring in the kitchen difficult or uncomfortable. It’s important to make sure that there is enough room to fit an island in comfortably, speak to an expert if you’re not sure whether you have a large enough space. Equally, ensure that you are choosing an island that is a suitable size for your space.

Can be expensive – A kitchen island can be as small or as large of a project as you wish to make it. However, if you’re opting for a large kitchen island that requires wiring or plumbing work too then the cost can add up and become quite a pricey home improvement.

Immovable – A kitchen island is generally immovable and once it’s installed it’s there to stay, so it’s important to make sure you’re making the right decisions. This is especially true if you’re having the island wired or plumbed in.

Can attract clutter – A kitchen island can make an attractive focal point unless it becomes a magnet for clutter. All that extra workspace can easily become a dumping ground if you’re not careful.

Setting out your kitchen for Autumn

As we move into the colder autumn months we’ll all be spending more time indoors which means more time spent in the heart of any home, the kitchen. A 21st century kitchen is a room that functions as much more than just a space for preparing and cooking food; it is a social space for friends and family to converse, play games, eat together, watch tv, work and so much more. As such, preparing your kitchen for your loved ones to spend more time in is key.

Here we’ll be going through some of the best ways you can prepare your kitchen for the autumn and winter months ahead!

Change of Colour

Autumn brings darker days and even darker nights which is why you may want to consider changing up the colour of your kitchen! Why not brighten up your space with a new lick of paint such as white or a neutral tone that can better reflect the light from your indoor lighting to help your space feel larger.

Conversely, a bolder choice such as navy with hints of gold that can help make a large space feel cosier and more luxurious. Whatever colour you decide on, a fresh colour on the walls or even your kitchen cabinets can completely transform the look and feel of a kitchen.

Reorganising Units

A spring clean is often reserved, well, for the spring but autumn is as good a time as any to think about reorganising your kitchen units. You may find yourself needing more innovative and space saving kitchen solutions as we begin to spend more time at home which is where a new kitchen installation can help.

You can completely customise your kitchen cabinets and units with a bespoke kitchen design and installation team so that you can create the perfect kitchen to suit your everyday needs.

Overhead cabinets may be great for storage but can take up a lot of wall space and block out the much needed light in the autumn and winter months. Our kitchen specialist team can help you create more efficient under counter storage solutions that help balance the aesthetics of your kitchen with the functionality of the space. However you would like to revamp your kitchen, our team can help make it a reality this autumn.

Out With The Old

If you are considering revamping your kitchen cabinets then you may be in the market for a completely new kitchen.

As we spend more time at home this autumn and winter you may find yourself looking at your kitchen and considering what fun and exciting possibilities the space holds. If you are dreaming of fresh stone countertops, maybe a fun kitchen island or sleek modern cabinetry to contemporise the space, why not consider a brand new kitchen installation?

A new kitchen means you can completely transform your space with our design team, by considering the space available and endless design possibilities you can have the kitchen of your dreams.

Whether you are looking for something more modern, classic or traditional we can help you to design and install a kitchen that best suits your tastes. A new kitchen can mean new worktops such as granite, quartz, timber, laminate or something a little more unique.

It can also mean new lighting installations, new kitchen appliances, new cabinets and kitchen units, tiling, flooring and so much more. If you are looking at your kitchen and wondering what could be this autumn the why not consider a fresh kitchen installation to bring your home up to date.

How to get the best deal when buying a new kitchen

Buying a new kitchen can be a great investment into your property, adding anywhere between 5 to 15 percent to the value of your home. Whether you are looking to renovate before putting your property on the market or simply wanting to modernise your home, you will always want to get more for your money. Striking the right balance between price and quality is essential, so how can get the best deal?

High Street Chains

We’re often bombarded with adverts from large high-street chains detailing their latest offer on kitchen installations and naturally, people look here first. However what people aren’t aware of is that despite the pull of a ‘seasonal sale’ these large chains tend to overcharge customers and offer poor quality materials.

Their products are mass produced to meet the demand but that leaves customers paying out thousands of pounds on a kitchen that will begin to show sings of wear and tear in no time at all. Plus, to top it all off, these chains often use discounts and sales to draw customers in before informing them of the small fortune they will have to pay for installation.

Contracted Builder

There are those however who believe that they can get a better deal by hiring a contracted builder. The benefit of doing so is that builders are able to source materials directly from trade suppliers whilst getting discount on the materials you need for your new kitchen. To many, this may seem like the ideal solution to achieving a quality kitchen at the right price, but issues can arise.

Whilst the price of materials may be low, the cost of the builder may exceed your budget as the man hours/ labour start to add up. Unless you hire a specialist kitchen fitter who you can be sure has the relevant knowledge and experience, you won’t be able to guarantee a quality fitting.

Independent Show Room

If you want a high-quality kitchen fitting that strikes the right balance between price and quality, there can be no doubt that an independent kitchen showroom is your solution. With an independent you can be sure that you will have a kitchen that is built to last with all workmanship and products guaranteed. You may pay slightly more than you would pay a builder but the quality of the worktops, units, cupboard doors and more alongside the craftsmanship cannot be compared. You will have a kitchen fitted by experts who are committed to ensuring the final product will be no less than perfect.

At The Gallery Runcorn, we are proud to offer complete and comprehensive kitchen installation which will include any plumbing, gas or electrical work as well as any tiling, plastering, building and decorating that is required as part of your fitting. .

Our installation team are all experienced in managing entire projects from start to finish with all products and workmanship being guaranteed. We are committed to ensuring all projects are completed on time and within the agreed budget.

How to keep the summer sun inside your kitchen

As the summer draws to a close we’re all trying to enjoy the last of the sun before the inclement British weather inevitably returns and where better to enjoy the sun than in your kitchen. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of tea with the morning sun streaming in or basking in the afternoon light when preparing dinner, there is nothing quite like the late summer sunlight.

You may be in the process of renovating your home or simply looking for clever and easy design tips to make the most of the sunlight in your kitchen, either way, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll be discussing some of the best ways to keep the summer sun inside your kitchen.

Skylight windows

Skylights are one of the best ways to make a dramatic change to the amount of sunlight you can allow into your kitchen. Even as we move into the colder months, skylights will allow for the maximum amount of daylight to illuminate your space.

These windows let light flood your kitchen and although it is a more costly renovation, if you are considering revamping your kitchen and want to prioritise light, they are a must.

Cupboard Clutter

Overhead cupboards can be great for storage but they can also be guilty of stealing light from your work surfaces. Often homeowners are forced to install lighting underneath these cupboards just to be able to see what they are doing on their countertops.

If you’re refurbishing your kitchen you may want to consider removing these cupboards are optimising your under counter kitchen storage instead.

You will immediately notice a difference with how much lighter and larger the space will feel once you remove these clunky elements.

Colour Palette

Understandably, not everyone has the budget to completely renovate their kitchen and install windows throughout and so one of the simplest ways of enhancing and brightening your space is to lighten your colour scheme.

There is a reason that many designers opt for a more neutral colour palette when designing kitchens and it is to capture and reflect the light throughout the day.

Simplified colour palettes that use white, off white and neutral shades on cabinets, kitchen counters, walls and flooring are able to attract as much light as possible, keeping that summer sun shining into your kitchen.


Mirrors are one of the oldest and best design tricks in the book that designers have been using for years, particularly in spaces where there is limited sources of light. If you are unable to install more windows or skylights, mirrors are a perfect way to help reflect the light you do have.

Large mirrors are especially effective in achieving this visual trick as they work by enlarging the sense of space and light in your kitchen

Mirrors can be installed as stand alone objects on your wall, placed across an entire wall or even used to replace your kitchen splashback. The design opportunities with mirrors are limitless and can completely transform your space.

Look Outside

In order to get the light in, your must first look out and understand how much natural light can currently enter your home. If your windows are partially blocked by bushes, trees and other foliage you may want to try to firstly tame them to help as much summer sun in as possible.

Although many homeowners enjoy the privacy that trees can provide them, if this foliage is on the south side of your home you will be limiting how much sun your kitchen receives in all seasons.

Kitchen Layout

When it comes sunlight, your kitchen layout is critical and the positioning of your installation could be what is hindering the amount of light your receive.

Poorly placed, heavy and clunky furniture could be blocking sunlight in your kitchen which is why when you are looking to install a new kitchen, it is always recommended to use professional and knowledgeable kitchen designers and installers to optimise your kitchen space.